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Canine Influenza Outbreak

EMERGENCY * Canine Influenza H3N2/H3N8 OUTBREAK*

Please see this website on Canine Flu for further information:

We wanted to inform and educate all of our clients that the
canine flu has spread to Northern California! San Jose/San Francisco Bay area
has reported CONFIRMED cases of H3N2/H3N8. The outbreak has led to temporary
closures of many boarding facilities, grooming facilities and emergency clinics
in South Bay.

The most important step to prevent your dog from getting
this viral disease is VACCINATION. Vaccinating helps to minimize the impact on
your pet as well as to control the spread of canine influenza. It is imperative for us to move quickly
during this time to help mitigate the spread of disease.

Please check if your groomer or boarding facility has had any “coughing” cases. Refrain from
going to dog parks or other areas where dogs conjugate during this period. On a
limited basis this disease can effect cats but it cannot infect humans.

Summer Hills Veterinary Hospital recommends all our patients
be vaccinated against H3N2/H3N8 canine influenza. We also have lab testing available if your
dog becomes sick to determine the cause.